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Open Days

The College holds an Open Day each year usually in early in Term 1. This day is held on a Sunday so that families can attend an Information Session followed by College tours throughout the school. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to witness first hand our facilities, students and staff at the College. 


Take a tour with students and staff on these days or arrange an alternative time with our Enrolment Officer. Please contact at:


Red Bend Catholic College provides opportunities for Year 6 students from local primary schools to visit the College with the aim of easing their transition from primary school to high school.


In term 2 students are invited to come and have a morning at the College. They participate in classroom activities organised by various faculties and have a good look around at our facilities.


Our annual Orientation Day is held in November for Year 6 students who have enrolled to attend the College. This includes a sleepover for those who will be boarding. The day involves a short literacy and numeracy assessment, getting to know you activities and some fun sporting events. The students gain an experience of what high school will be like while getting to know the physical environment and meeting many of the teachers.

It is our hope that these experiences will help the students to feel confident about beginning their high school years.

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