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Peer Support

Red Bend Catholic College is a member school of the Peer Support Foundation. Peer Support is run during 1st term for Year 7’s with the College running the ‘Facing our Challenges’ program which focuses on Resilience, to support students to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to cope more effectively with situations and circumstances they find challenging.

The Year 7 students work through a program  under the guidance of Year 10 leaders, meeting once a week to develop skills focusing on Optimism, Empathy, Positive self-talk, Perseverance, Resilience and Coping.

Interaction between the leaders and the new Year 7 students allows them to, feel connected to the school and have an older support person, should the need arise.

Peer Support is an important part of the Colleges induction program for Year 7 and also allows the Year 10 students to develop leadership skills.

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