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These are some of the cocurricular opportunities available to our students.

Cattle and Sheep Teams 

The Agriculture faculty operates a very successful show program exhibiting sheep and cattle at local, regional and Royal Agricultural shows. Students can join the team each year by completing a membership form. As a team member, student will be taught skills in handling sheep and cattle and in preparing them for a variety of shows. Students will be eligible to be selected to attend a show based on their willingness to be involved and enthusiasm towards their role.  


The College holds a knockout chess competition every year in term one. The semi-finalists form the school team and the winner, of course, becomes the number one player. The team then competes in the NSW Country Secondary Schools Knockout Competition for the Western Region. We have had varying degrees of success in the competition over the years and have been the Western Region champions on one occasion. 

Creative Arts

Creative and Performing Arts students have a range of specialised spaces and equipment available to them. The College has recently completed construction of the large, Multi-Purpose Hall. 

This space is home to three Music classrooms. One of the rooms features keyboard and midis to help students develop their interest in the keyboard and composition. We also have four practice rooms where ensembles and individual students can refine their performance skills. 

A large Drama room is situated opposite the stage of the MPH. This space is designed to provide flexibility in the arrangement of a stage, lighting and sound to best realise a performance. The Drama room also has a studio attached where lighting and recording can be managed.

Two recently refurbished classrooms situated in a neighbouring building are our Art classrooms. These large rooms cater for the diverse range of 2D, 3D and 4D skills students can undertake while studying Visual Arts and Photography. A studio for Stage 6 students is a feature of one of our rooms. Photography and Digital Media and Art students each have access to a bank of computers, cameras and filmmaking equipment, including industry standard software available to them.


Red Bend Catholic College offers opportunities for all students from Years 7 to 12 to participate in debating. Upon selection of the entrants, students in each year level form debating teams. Regular meetings are hosted by the English staff to train students in preparation for the CWA competition at regional and state level.  Part of the training programme involves students holding informal debates against each other and independent regional schools.   


Public Speaking  

Red Bend Catholic College offers opportunities for all students from Years 7 to 10 to participate in public speaking. Four students from Years 7 and 8, and 9 and 10, are selected to compete regionally against other Catholic schools in the Central Western regions. Students in the past have visited a range of places, such as Tullamore, Parkes, Bathurst and Lithgow. Winning the regional rounds enables students to compete at state level. Extracurricular meetings are hosted during school hours to foster students’ development of their oral skills and persuasive techniques. 


The College is equipped with a broad range of sporting facilities and students can play a variety of sport including Hockey, Tennis, Rugby League, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby Union, Netball, Touch Football and many more. Red Bend Catholic College students regularly represent both the school and the Diocese at Regional and State sporting championships. 

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