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Marist Charism

The mission of Marist Schools is to lead young people to know and love God in the way of Mary, in the belief that they all can become good Christians and good Citizens.

Inspired by Marcellin Champagnat Marist educators, before all else, love their students. Their approach is marked by simplicity, family spirit, love of their work and presence in the midst of those whom they are called to serve.

Marist schools welcome all young people, whatever their circumstances, offering each one an education which draws faith, culture and life into harmony.

The distinctiveness of Marist Charism in the form of an educational style is found in the following features:

A sense of family ...

  • love of children and a closeness to them

  • "To educate children first you must love them, and love them equally"

          - was Champagnat's golden rule.

  • warm, down-to-earth, unpretentious relationships

  • a sense of community among the staff


A love of our work ...

  • an enthusiasm for the work of the school

  • generosity of heart and without any attention-seeking

  • the honouring of all work and those who undertake it

  • high expectations of student achievement

  • zealous search for effective methods & openness to innovation


Simplicity ...

  • a central gospel value and distinguishing Marist characteristic

  • a preference for simplicity of method, of expression and action

  • transparency and genuineness in relationships, ease of relationship


Presence ...

  • "being present" and "good example": the two pillars of Marcellin's

          approach to education

  • pedagogy of presence: immersion in the lives of young people,

         looking for opportunities and ways to be with them for extended time

  • mastery of the craft of teaching: an emphasis of Champagnat

  • knowledge of subject


In the way of Mary ...

  • Mary is the perfect model of a Marist educator

  • openness to the action and will of God, like Mary of the Annunciation

  • selflessness, humility and optimism like Mary of the Visitation

  • sharing in the motherhood of Mary by bringing Jesus to birth, even in

         the most unlikely of places, like Mary of Bethlehem

  • presenting Jesus to people, telling them to do as he wishes, like

         Mary of Cana.

  • sitting with the suffering face of Jesus with love and faithfulness,

         like Mary of Calvary

  • forming community and sowing hope, like Mary of Pentecost


A Marist school is a place where ...

  • Hard work and excellent achievement are valued

  • The individual is genuinely loved and prized

  • There is a warm environment and strong family spirit is evident

  • There is lack of pretence

  • There is simplicity and calm determination

  • There is a special concern for those students who find school most


  • The Gospel is at the heart and students are encouraged to respond to it

          with the same faith and generosity that Mary did.

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