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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information

Students are required to bring their own device (with its charger) to school every day. If you need to purchase a new device, please use the BYOD portal link above, or should you choose to purchase from a retailer, please read the below guidelines.​ Device Requirements - A Solid State Drive (SSD), not a traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of at least 128GB - At least a quad-core CPU. Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 preferred. - At least 8GB memory (RAM) - ChromeOS (Chromebook), or Windows 10/11 (any edition) - At least a day's battery life (bring the device's charger to school at all times) ​Chromebook, Windows, or Mac? We do not recommend Macs for students at the College, as they are not fully compatible with the College's network, are too expensive, and get damaged easily. ​Chromebooks are our preferred device, along with a Windows laptop if needed. ​Years 7 and 8 students require a Chromebook, and can normally continue using their device from primary school. Students who wish to continue using their Windows laptop from primary school can do so. ​From Years 9–12, students can start to use a Windows 10/11 laptop. They do not need a Windows laptop unless they are studying Visual Arts or Digital Photography. A Chromebook will get a student through till Year 12, and will last that long, if taken care of. ​Software Required Students do not need any special software—the College will provide all the software they need, and as we are a Google Workspace school, all they really need is a web browser. ​Students with Chromebooks do not need any special software. ​You do not need anti-virus, as this is provided by the College. Please remove any anti-virus software that came with your computer before enrolling your device. Enrolling Your Device into the College Management System For deployment of the above mentioned software (as well as settings etc), we require that all students with a Windows or Mac computer to enrol their device into the school's BYOD management system. Students with Chromebooks need to sign in with their RBCC account details. ​Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection You should try an get as long a warranty as is possible (3 years is good). You should also try and get Accidental Damage Protection so that if the device is damaged, you will not be too badly affected. Devices purchased through the BYOD portal all have a good warranty that entitles you to onsite repair, and most come with optional Accidental Damage Protection. Further Information If you require more information please call the College on the below number.

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