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Educational Vision

Vision for Teaching and Learning:

All students to achieve the highest possible outcomes in all they do. 


Mission for Teaching and Learning:


In our contemporary, Australian society it is important to instil in the students the skills and knowledge to live integrated, fulfilled and happy live’s, to inspire them to be self-directed, life-long learners.

At Red Bend Catholic College, all teachers aim to create opportunities for students to become resilient, critical thinkers that are challenged to move out of their comfort zone and to accept responsibility for their learning.

 This is achieved in all lessons by:

  • Displaying a passion for their subject that demonstrates knowledge and understanding and models behaviour that engages students to work to their full potential.

  • Creating relationships of trust and respect that allows students to question and direct their learning.

  • Well thought out programs that are constantly evaluated and up-dated to meet current educational trends.

  • Thorough planning of each lesson that takes into account the varying learning abilities within the classroom and that use a variety of strategies to engage all students and make their subject relevant.

  • Clearly communicating the learning intention or purpose of the lesson and expectations within the classroom.

  • Having a variety of classroom management strategies to draw on when needed.

  • Actively seeking and participating in professional development activities to further knowledge and current trends, especially in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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