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Pastoral Care

“To educate young people properly, we must love them; we must love them all equally. To love young people is to devote yourself completely to teaching them and to take all the means that a keen imagination can think of in order to form them in gospel in values.”        


St Marcellin Champagnat  

Pastoral Care at Red Bend Catholic College reflects the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and seeks to answer the call to discipleship, as exemplified by Mary. The practice which flow from this source, recreates a learning and teaching environment which is filled with faith and hope, is just and compassionate and is culturally inclusive of all who comprise the community.    

Student Management & Welfare

The aim of Behaviour management and Student Welfare is to create a positive relationship between teachers and students, allowing optimum learning to occur, and fostering the growth of mutual respect.   Teachers have a duty of care and accept responsibility for Pastoral Care of all College students. Teachers will assist students to reflect on their behaviour; they will challenge them to explore better ways of relating to others and dealing with conflict. At times, teachers will affirm students; at other times they will correct and/or sanction them. At all times they are helping students evaluate the effects their behaviour has on themselves and others. 

The College strives to develop self-discipline in students. This is based on justice; self-esteem and reconciliation. Teachers are very aware of the importance of self-discipline when they impose sanctions. Students should accept any such disciplinary measures in the spirit in which they are imposed, that is as a way of helping them develop better self-discipline.

Promoting the Peace

At Red Bend Catholic College we take pride in our Marist Catholic heritage which offers our students care and guidance in the way of Mary. We strive to work in the spirit of the Gospel of John, which entreats ‘Just as I have loved you, you love one another. By this everyone will know you are my disciples’. These are values that are extended to every person in our College community.    

This policy educates our students, their families and our staff to promote healthy and positive relationships. Where bullying or harassment occurs it is our responsibility to intervene with procedures, which are consistent and recognise the right to justice of all parties. All Bullying and Harassment procedures should be created with the aim of changing attitudes as well as behaviour. 


The role of the School Counselling Service at Red Bend Catholic College is to provide quality counselling and support services to members of the College community. This is a free and confidential service and is part of the College’s ongoing commitment to the pastoral care needs of students and their families and the school community.

The School Counsellor is available to helps students:

• Engage fully with their school experience by addressing social and emotional issues

• Understand themselves and others

• Improve self-concepts and cope with stress

• Develop decision-making and problem solving skills

• Link where appropriate with other community agencies, services and support.

Counselling provides the opportunity for students to clarify problems and develop and use strengths to find ways of managing and resolving issues or discover new ways of coping.

Dr Kelleher Health Centre

The recently refurbished College Health Centre provides a comfortable light filled, air conditioned space for the comfort of student’s utilising services within the centre.  

The small team of dedicated and experienced Heath Care Professionals within the centre comprises of a Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse who are primarily responsible for the wellbeing of  boarding students, however will also provide care for day students, the broader college community and manage any medical emergencies.

Day students that are unwell should be kept home, as the College does not have the facilities or the human resources to adequately care for sick students.

Also located within the centre is an accredited counsellor / Social Worker who is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers ensuring a high standard of ethical practice and ongoing professional development.

The Health Centre is open daily from 8.00 am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Boarders also have access to a Registered Nurse Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm – 7pm.

Should a boarder become unwell outside of the Health Centres’ operational hours, the boarding staff with First Aid qualifications will if necessary accompany the student to the local doctor or in the case of emergency arrange transport to the local hospital.   Both are conveniently located within a five – minute drive from the College.


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