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The boarding unit at Red Bend Catholic College provides accommodation and care for girls and boys in Years 7 -12. Boarders come to the College from country areas throughout New South Wales and regional areas from other states.


The boarding unit adds great richness and diversity to the life of the school, and provides boarders with a wide range of choices and opportunities that may not be available in rural areas or in smaller country schools.


When students come to Red Bend Catholic College, they join a family where an inclusive community and grounded culture create a sense of belonging. Respect for our Marist/Mercy heritage and a spirit of service and social justice encourages College students to become valuable contributors to their communities.


Families value the opportunity to send both their daughters and sons to the same school. The boarding culture is an important part of Red Bend Catholic College's identity and tradition. Many of the boarders have parents who were educated at the College, so there is a strong sense of community and family involvement with the school.


An excellent Catholic Secondary Education is available at the College at a most reasonable cost which is very competitive with other private schools. There is also the provision for weekly boarding.

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