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Marcellin Library

Marcellin Library


Our newly renovated Marcellin Library was opened in 2017 and is a welcoming space for all. It’s opening hours are from 8.30 each morning, every recess and second-half lunch. The library staff endeavour to make the library a pleasant and safe place for all to enjoy.

The College Library aims to:

  • encourage students to have a love of literature through our Rarb program  (Reading at Red Bend) 

  • familiarise students with all forms of information available to them and give them the skills necessary to successfully navigate and be discerning users of these resources

  • provide current and relevant digital and physical resources that enrich and support the curriculum

  • work with staff and their classes to foster confidence and competence in the students so that their information and research skills will enable them to become independent learners

  • provide recreational activities (board games, cards, word of the day etc) for the students to enjoy


There are two teaching areas in the main body of the library and students currently have access to 60 chromebooks.

Useful Links

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