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Fee Structure

Fee Policy

Parents and guardians who enrol students’ at Red Bend Catholic College Forbes are responsible for meeting all fees charged during the term of the enrolment (where applicable from Year 7 to 12). Fees are a primary source of income for the College without which the College would not be able to meet its own financial commitments. Full payment of those fees by 30th November each year is a requirement for Red Bend Catholic College to operate adequately and effectively.


Fees Payable Prior to Enrolment


A $200 non-refundable fee for all new Enrolment Applications is to be paid with each student’s enrolment application.

Fees Payable After Enrolment Tuition and Boarding Fees


The college charges tuition and boarding separate as well as any subject levies and text books which are all itemised on the account. 

You can view and download the 2024 Fee Policy and Direct Debit Request Form by clicking on the links below.

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