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Principal's Message

Red Bend Catholic College, a local community of Mission within the Australian Marist Community, offers a Marist-inspired educational experience for boys and girls from Years 7 to 12.

As a Marist school it aims to develop young people of character, integrity and compassion who will in their turn become Good Christians and Good citizens. There are many elements that contribute to the wonderful spirit of the College, but I would like to highlight a few of these.

The first is the sense of community and friendship. The College is a place where staff and students feel welcomed and accepted; although we value academic excellence, all are taken in who desire to do their best and make an honest effort.

The second element that makes the College special is the importance placed on our students. There is a strong commitment to the boys and girls to see them grow into adults who will contribute to the world around them. Each one is valued as an individual and we strive to provide the best educational opportunities at all times. We have a committed, professional and very generous staff. Our HSC results are solid and we are very much in the process of evaluating all aspects of the school to maximise the opportunities for every student. 

The third element that makes the College a good place are the opportunities for the students to develop their strengths, talents and character. We host an extensive sports and co-curricular programme and have wonderful facilities. As well as sport we offer involvement in music, public speaking and debating, show cattle and sheep, agriculture, and community service to name only some of the activities that engage the students and build that wonderful spirit of cooperation and sharing between them, the staff and parents.

Thank you for visiting our website.  


Mr. Stephen Dwyer

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