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Red Bend Catholic College has been built upon the traditions of the Marist Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy. Both of these religious orders have their roots in caring for the disadvantaged youth and have focused on the needs of youth in educational institutions.


An integral part of the College, our Reflection days for both the students and all staff. The Retreat program allows the students to reflect on their relationship with God, Self and Others. It also allows provides valuable time for the staff and the students to reflect and learn more about our founder St Marcellin Champagnat and our Marist Charism.


Retreats and Reflection days aim to assist students in recognising the importance of holistic development, and give further understanding to the ideal of 'fullness of life'. Activities are designed to open students to their spiritual dimension as well as fostering a sense of community and a heightened awareness of their own giftedness and that of others.

The Retreats are a component of the overall Religious Education curriculum, the goals can be specifically identified as:

  • to provide an opportunity for an experiential component of FAITH DEVELOPMENT that can foster a closer relationship with their God.

  • to facilitate a time of reflection and personal searching in an environment of challenge.

  • to facilitate sharing and a greater intimacy in relationships between students, their peers and staff.

  • to provide an opportunity for AFFIRMATION from their peers


The retreat experience is part of an ongoing retreat process that is built upon each year.

We take students away on a retreat of this kind to set aside time to allow these young people to reflect, to share and to wonder. In order to maximise the value we ask students to be very open and honest, very still and trusting. Some of the activities of the retreat will ask of them a discipline of self, a movement towards intimacy which some will find new ... difficult - and all will find challenging.

It is vital that as fellow travellers who have journeyed just a little more of the road, we firmly but gently accompany the students and keep them on track. It is hoped staff will be enriched by the student's experience - both the struggle and the vitality of their lives.


Year 7 - Term 1
Year 8 - Term 3

Year 9 - Term 3
Year 10 - Term 2
Year 11 - Term 2
Year 12 - Term 1

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