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Year 7

Students study the following subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society and Its Environment, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, VisualArts, Music and Technological and Applied Studies.

Early in the first term there is an Information Night for Year 7 parents and teachers. It provides the opportunity for parents of new students to meet their child's teachers, to hear about the policies of the school and to provide an initial contact with the college.


Year 8

Students study the following subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society and Its Environment, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, French, Visual Arts, Music, Technological and Applied Studies.


Year 9 and 10

Students study the following mandatory courses: English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society and Its Environment and Personal Development/Health/Physical Education. Students also study Religious Education.

Students also study three elective courses in Year 9 and Year 10. A more comprehensive explanation of the electives can be found in the Year 9 -10 Curriculum Handbook.


Year 11 and 12

This is a 2 year course which culminates in the Higher School Certificate Examination.  Students must choose a minimum of:  12 units for the Preliminary course / 10 units for the HSC course.

A more comprehensive explanation of the courses can be found in the Years 11 & 12 Curriculum Handbook.



These are sent to parents of Year 12 students at the beginning of term 2, and after the Trial HSC exams in August.

Year 11 Reports are sent in early June and after their final exams in September.

Parents of students in Years 7 – 10 receive progress report at the end of Term 1. Course reports are sent after midyear exams and yearly exams.

Click on the folders below to view assessment information for each year level. 

Learning Areas



Science at Red Bend Catholic College is taught in five dedicated teaching laboratories. Four are full service labs with gas taps and sinks for each group of students, while the fifth classroom is especially designed for physics experiments and is equipped with long benches and power outlets. All of the teaching spaces in science have standard classroom furniture in the centre of the room for the comfort of the students while working, with separate practical areas to the sides. The College has all of the lab supplies and equipment required to teach the practical aspects of the science syllabus, including chemistry, physics, and biology. We are integrating digital media into the practical curriculum, including virtual reality headsets, digital data collection probes for real-time data collection in experiments and optional robotics and coding courses for any interested student.




The PDHPE faculty at Red Bend Catholic College boasts a range of state of the art facilities to cater to a wide variety of sports and activities. These facilities include an 8 lane 25 metre outdoor pool where students can improve their swimming techniques and participate in other aquatic activities such as water polo and aqua aerobics. Students also participate in water safety activities and are offered their Bronze Medallion. We also have a fully functional Gym that includes weights and fitness equipment. Students in PDHPE lessons have access to the Gym as well as sporting teams here at the College. We also have 3 full size undercover basketball courts with electronic scoreboards and lights. These courts can also be used for netball and a wide range of other activities.

The College also has 3 full size football fields, 2 full size touch football fields, cricket nets, fishing equipment, archery equipment and a range of gymnastics equipment.

Learning Support


Our aim is to improve learning outcomes, build confidence, develop and maintain skills and to foster a positive attitude to the whole school learning experience, so students can develop and transition well. Assistance has been provided to students in class, small groups and individually. Specific literacy and numeracy instruction has also been provided. Learning support currently has a full time faculty coordinator and speech pathologist and several learning support officers.

Some specific programmes currently running to support students include the Multi-Lit Reading Program, MacqLit English class in Yr 7/8/9, Life Skills program-Yr 8 and 12, Fast ForWord and a Language Program in Yr 8.  




Red Bend Catholic College has tremendous agriculture facilities with the school farm situated on the Lachlan river. We have approximately 20 hectares of irrigated alluvial flats which is used by the Agriculture and Primary Industries students to undertake various practical activities. The College has a Limousin cattle stud and a Poll Dorset sheep stud which are extensively used by the very successful sheep and cattle teams who participate in various shows.

We have 2 designated agriculture rooms,  covered cattle and sheep yards, modern shearing shed, green houses, chook sheds, and various types of machinery for sowing and maintaining crops and pastures. Agriculture is a very popular subject undertaken by many students and we have numerous graduates each year who undertake tertiary education in Agricultural fields.

Creative Arts

Creative and Performing Arts students have a range of specialised spaces and equipment available to them. The College has recently completed construction of the large, Multi-Purpose Hall. 

This space is home to three Music classrooms. One of the rooms features keyboard and midis to help students develop their interest in the keyboard and composition. We also have four practice rooms where ensembles and individual students can refine their performance skills. 

A large Drama room is situated opposite the stage of the MPH. This space is designed to provide flexibility in the arrangement of a stage, lighting and sound to best realise a performance. The Drama room also has a studio attached where lighting and recording can be managed.

Two recently refurbished classrooms situated in a neighbouring building are our Art classrooms. These large rooms cater for the diverse range of 2D, 3D and 4D skills students can undertake while studying Visual Arts and Photography. A studio for Stage 6 students is a feature of one of our rooms. Photography and Digital Media and Art students each have access to a bank of computers, cameras and filmmaking equipment, including industry standard software available to them.


The Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) faculty is a dynamic and high achieving faculty. All teachers are highly trained, committed and enthusiastic professionals with diverse expertise in design, digital technologies, home economics, computing technology and industrial arts.

TAS courses help to develop creativity and problem solving skills. They also help to build self-confidence as the students are encouraged to take pride in creating something with their hands and imagination.

In TAS courses the students are involved in a combination of practical, hands on exercises and studies that give them an insight into professional application of these skills. They offer students an opportunity to gain valuable skills for future employment. We use industry standard equipment and practices in excellent facilities to ensure students reach their full potential.

ICT office


The College's Information and Communications Technologies are built to facilitate students' learning and to provide them with tools they need to get their work done. We provide secure and reliable internet access through our Wi-Fi system to students and staff. With BYOD students have access to the devices they want to have. Junior students work on Chromebooks utilising G Suite's collaborative editors to enhance their learning experiences. Seniors utilise traditional laptops to enable them to meet the more demanding requirements of the courses they are studying. Staff have access to G Suite and with Google Classroom provide engaging learning environments for their students.


Marcellin Library


Our newly renovated Marcellin Library was opened in 2017 and is a welcoming space for all. It’s opening hours are from 8.30 each morning, every recess and second-half lunch. The library staff endeavour to make the library a congenial and safe place for all to enjoy.

The College Library aims to:

  • encourage students to have a love of literature through our Rarb (Reading at Red Bend) program

  • familiarise students with all forms of information available to them and give them the skills necessary to successfully navigate and be discerning users of these resources

  • provide current and relevant digital and physical resources that enrich and support the curriculum

  • work with staff and their classes to foster confidence and competence in the students so that their information and research skills will enable them to become independent learners

  • provide recreational activities (board games, cards, word of the day etc) for the students to enjoy


There are two teaching areas in the main body of the library and students currently have access to 60 chromebooks.

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