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Gift of Giving

Have you ever seen the positive effect of quality education on a young person? Have you seen the hope it provides? Have you seen how education is the difference which leads to unlimited potential?
As a proud staff member of Red Bend Catholic College, I invite you to join us in giving the gift of education.
Our College has a rich history of rural, Marist and Catholic education. We have a rich history of success.
So I ask you... what if.
What if one person from a disadvantaged background was supported by you?
What if you provided financial support for one student who couldn’t afford their equipment, a uniform or the cost of excursions for the year?
What if you provided the gift of education?
Located in the middle of NSW in the beautiful town of Forbes, our College offers a prime location to give the gift of quality education to secondary students.
So why give to the students or prospective students of Red Bend Catholic College. That’s easy. Because we are an affordable school which has proven success in adding significant academic value. We provide a range of ways every student can succeed. We know success breeds success.
Above all, every dollar you give will go directly to the student. You choose whether you want to buy someone their equipment, a laptop, a uniform, pay for school excursions, or contribute or pay for their school fees.
So please click on the link below and consider what if you gave the gift of education?


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